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Dear World Music Conference attendees:


The local arrangements committee welcomes you to UBC and to Vancouver! 


Please see the attached files for some important information about your visit:


How to get to the Conference, and information about accommodation: See Accommodation.Transportation.pdf

You can get to campus from the airport by cab (about $40) or by public transportation (about 50 minutes).


Getting around UBC: a map to the conference venues.  See AAWM.map.pdf


Conference Registration:

Registration will be available in the Buchanan A second-floor lobby, right outside the meeting rooms from 8-9 and

11-2:30 on Friday and Saturday.


If you register by May 7, you can pick up your registration package there.

We welcome walk-in registrations, and will be set up to receive credit card payments.



Your accommodations include a buffet breakfast on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday mornings. Breakfast is served

at the Pacific Spirit Place cafeteria, right across the road from where you are staying.


Lunch: There is 90 minutes for lunch on Friday and Saturday.  There are a variety of options within 15

minutes of the conference rooms, both on-campus and just off-campus.

See Campus.Dining.pdf


Coffee Breaks will be provided to registrants 2-2:15 on Friday and Saturday in the Buchanan A second floor



Dinner: For those who register by May 7, we are providing a catered dinner (including vegetarian options) on

Friday and Saturday in the Student Union Building Rooms 214/216, starting after the keynote addresses.


Concerts and lecture demonstrations: We are featuring a wide variety of music both after lunch (1-2 pm in Buchanan

A201) and at 8 pm after dinner (in the Auditorum and the Music Building).



If you have any questions about your stay, please email j.roeder@ubc.ca


Looking forward to seeing you soon,


John Roeder and Michael Tenzer, co-chairs

Local Arrangements Committee

AAWM 2012