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University of British Columbia

Vancouver, May 14-18, 2012


Seminar in Musical Periodicity with Profs. John Roeder and Michael Tenzer


Workshop in Balinese Gamelan Performance with Wayan Sudirana


Directly after the Analytical Approaches to World Music conference on May 11-13, 2012, we offer an intensive, creative

5-day program combining a morning graduate-level seminar in approaches to the analysis of world musics with an afternoon workshop in Balinese gamelan performance. Late afternoons and evenings will be open to enjoy springtime in Vancouver.


The Seminar in Musical Periodicity will be offered each day from 9 to 11 AM. It is a teamtaught course that Profs. Roeder and Tenzer have given regularly since 2005. The course develops a general method for analyzing music form, primarily through consideration of musical temporality. It engages repertoire from musicaltraditions the world over, integrating methodologies from music theory and ethnomusicology in a systematic progression through different types of musical time organization. If you want to develop the use of theory and analysis of world music traditions in your research or teaching, you can benefit from this class, as it offers a rare, collaboratively developed approach to aesthetic appreciation and the compositional techniques of the world’s music.


Deepen your exposure to other traditions each afternoon from 1 to 3:30 in a group Workshop in Balinese Gamelan

Performance, led by master musician Wayan Sudirana, assisted by Michael Tenzer. Learn basic techniques on several instruments in the gamelan semaradana ensemble, including Balinese interlocking parts (kotekan), and several

traditional compositions.


Tuition is $200 for the five-day session. If you are coming to the Analytical Approaches to World

Music conference you may register for the seminar and workshop on the conference registration form,

and you may extend your conference lodging for the duration. If you wish to register for the seminar and workshop separately, or for further information, contact michael.tenzer@ubc.ca.


N.B. This program requires a minimum of 15 participants.


John Roeder and Michael Tenzer have been teaching and publishing together since 2005. Their work has led to the books

Analytical Studies in World Music (Oxford 2006) and Analytical and Cross-Cultural Studies in World Music (Oxford 2011) as

well as a soon-to-be-published article in Music Theory Spectrum offering an in-depth analysis of the Balinese composition Gabor. Their work has been granted major research support from Canada’s Social Science and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC).


I Wayan Sudirana is one of the most gifted Balinese musicians of his generation. Now finishing his Ph.D. at U.B.C., he is director of Vancouver’s Gamelan Gita Asmara as well as leader of several groups in Bali.



As of April 13, please do not register for this seminar online. The seminar has been redesigned to last only 3 days, May 14-16. The cost is $100.  For further information please contact Michael Tenzer directly: michael.tenzer@ubc.ca