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Abrahams, Rosa,  “V’imru: Amen”: Vocal Rhythm in Solo and Congregational Jewish Ritual, AAWM

Absaroka, Ruard, Meta-analysis of a genre: jiangnan sizhu and its analysts, BFE

Alaghband-Zadeh, Chloe, Between originality and repetition: displays of ingenuity in North Indian classical music, BFE

Alexander, Phil, The Night of the Singing Balconies: Organised Anarchy in East Berlin, BFE

Alisch, Stefanie, Put the fire out - An integrated analysis of rhythm, lyrics and dance moves in Angolan kuduro, BFE

Baily, John, Analysis of the cognition of performance in playing the Afghan rubab, BFE

Balosso-Bardin, Cassandre, From local to glocal: musical style and society in Mallorca’s bagpiping world., BFE

Barroso-Abejuela, Mercibelle, Bangkakaw: Rhythm of the Highlands of Mindanao, AAWM

Barwick, Linda, Innovation and Tradition-Making: Comparative Analysis of Three Song Corpora from the Daly Region, Northwest Australia, AAWM

Bates, Hannah Marie, Playing Cuban Piano Tumbao: Navigating Ethnographical and Analytical Perspectives to Inform Performance Practice and Process, AAWM

Baysal, Ozan, Sirin Karadeniz, Structures of Rhythm in Mevlevi Music: A Cyclical Analysis Model, AAWM

Benadon, Fernando, Deep Syncopation in Hindustani Tabla Drumming, AAWM

Berahas, Karolos, Polyrhythms - A Mathematical Offering, AAWM

Bonini Baraldi, Filippo, Analyzing Transylvanian music by using motion capture, BFE

Bozkurt, Barış, M. Kemal Karaosmanoğlu, Nilgun Doğrusöz Dişiaçık, A computational approach to representing melodic progression (seyir) for Turkish makam music, AAWM

Campbell, Robbie, Re-Imagining Dyslexia Through the Sensory and Perceptual Systems of Three Xylophone Cultures, BFE

Cassio, Francesca, Music idiom, aesthetics and ideology. The case study of Gurbānī dhur-pad, BFE

Chan, Pui Lun, The Making of “National Opera”: Nationalization of Peking Opera as Identity Building, BFE

Chashchina, Svetlana, The Theory of Intonation Rhythm: To the Issue of Methodology of Analysis of Free Rhythm, AAWM

Chemillier, Marc, and David Clarke, Between Formality and Informality: How Far Can Generative Theories of Music Analysis Be Applied to Hindustani Classical Performance?, AAWM

Clayton, Martin, tbc, Keynote

Coaldrake, Kimi, Towards an Understanding of the Timbre of the Japanese Koto:  An Advanced Computational Method for Analysis, AAWM

Cole, Janie, You Could Sing Your Way Out of Pain: Music and Resistance at Robben Island Prison, BFE

Cook, Nicholas, Music, identity politics, and the clever boy from Croydon, Keynote

Costes Onishi, Pamela, Analyzing Binalig and Its Origins: Towards a Genealogy of the Philippine Kulintang, BFE

Cross, Ian, Music, participation and interaction, BFE

Davies, Morgan, “Balochan”: analysis of a desert folksong in two contemporary Rajasthani performance contexts, BFE

Debove, Julien, Indian Classical Music: From Strict Composition to Free Improvisation, AAWM

Fatone, Gina, The “thought-language-hand link”: implications for co-music manual gesture in the instrumental music lesson?, BFE

Fritz, Tom, tbc, BFE

Gan, Peck Jin, The Concept of ‘Tenunan’ [Weave]: A Study of Compositional Strategies Used in "Tenunan II" by Tazul Izan TAJUDDIN (b.1969), BFE

Gayraud, Elise Gaëlle Marie, Ethno-World: World Music in Practice? An Ethnomusicological Study, BFE

Geyer, Ben, All Things Being Equal: The Problem of Reduction in Second Practice Jazz, AAWM

Goldberg, Daniel, Diversity of Performance Timing in Balkan Music, AAWM

Golestani, Mehryar, “Reach One, Teach One from My ‘Hood to Your ‘Hood”: Towards a Global Model for HipHop Pedagogy., BFE

Gotham, Mark, ‘Mixed Metres’ in Theory and Practice, AAWM

Graham, John A., New Methods for Harmonic Analysis: Georgian Improvisatory Polyphony, AAWM

Hall, Rachel Wells, Revisiting Tune Families in Shape-Note Hymns, AAWM

Hasikou, Anastasia, Music and Society in Cyprus: The Local and the European during the early 20th century, BFE

Heath, Joanna, Ambivalent Pitch: Characterising Mizo Pentatonicism, BFE

Hess, Hans, Malandros and Otários: The Use of Samba in Tropa de Elite and Tropa de Elite: O Inimigo Agora É Outro, BFE

Holzapfel, André, Leaping Dances in Crete: Tradition in Motion, AAWM

Howard, Keith, What do historical notations teach Korean musicologists?, BFE

HUANG, Wan, Negotiating Masculinity: A Comparative Analysis on Soundscapes of Okinawa Eisâ in Taketomi, London, Buenos Aires and Shanghai, BFE

Hwang, Chiung-Hui, Sliding Inflections of Qin Music, the Associated Aesthetic Concepts and Taoist Philosophy, BFE

Ingram, Catherine, Tone-tune relationships and indigenous musical theory in Kam Song from Southwestern China: Research Techniques and Approaches, AAWM

Ishiguro, Maho, When Bima Gets His Rage On: Semiotics in Aural Disorientation in Ladrang Bima, AAWM

Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Maximos, Andreas Katsiavalos, Costas Tsougras, Emilios Cambouropoulos, Harmonic representation and statistical analysis of polyphonic songs of Epirus, BFE

Killick, Andrew, Is There a Northumbrian Pipe Tune Style? Analysis from Specific to General, BFE

Kim, Hyelim, The Cognition of the time in Korean Traditional Music, BFE

Kirilov, Kalin, Harmony in Bulgarian Music: Village Style Accompaniment from the 1920s to the 1990s, AAWM

Konkouris, Theodore L., ‘Lineages of Knowledge’: Apprenticeship among the Mande Hunters of Mali, BFE

Lehmann, Bertram, Linear Polymeter: the Notion of Compound Metrical Directionality in African and Neo-African Musical Traditions, BFE

Leitner, Mili, Self-Exoticisation and Identity Negotiation in Mainstream Hebrew Music, BFE

Lekakul, Great, Prachan: Music, Competition, and Conceptual Fighting in Thai Culture, BFE

Leotar, Frederic, A New Tool for the Analysis of Lute Melodies, AAWM

London, Justin, Non-Isochronous Meters in Theory and Cross-Cultural Practice, AAWM

Loya, Shay, Schenkerian analysis and the transcultural harmony of Hungarian verbunkos, AAWM

Loya, Shay, SMA Panel: Traversing Disciplinary and Geographic Continuums, AAWM

Lunn, David, “Hide and Sikh”, and other Awful Puns: European Amateur Dramatics and Music Making across the Bay of Bengal, BFE

Lustig, Ethan, Toward a Naive Analysis: Transcribing Western Art Music, AAWM

Lutzu / Bravi, Marco / Paolo, E-launedda, a device for the analysis of music and gesture in launeddas music, BFE

Malley, Nikki, The Sale that Sings: Considering Melody, Rhythm, and Meter in American Auctioneering, AAWM

Mavromatis, Panayotis, Rule-Based Meter Induction in the Syllabic Heirmologikon Style of Modern Greek Church Chant, AAWM

McCallum, Jenny, Beguiling voices: rediscovering the sound of nineteenth-century Malay literature, BFE

McGraw, Andy, Materialities of Musical Analysis, AAWM

Mifune, Marie-France, Memorizing the repertoire and the musical gesture with the same learning process, AAWM

Miller, Sue, Analyzing Clave feel within melodic-rhythmic ‘mambo’ improvisation, BFE

Miller, Christopher J., The Sound of Stretched Time: The Modulation of Phrase, Pattern, and Attention in Central Javanese Gamelan Music, AAWM

Mills, Simon, Revealing the Changing Faces of Korea’s East Coast Shaman Ritual Music:  Analysing Personal Style in an Improvised Musical Tradition, AAWM

Moore, Sarha, The Other Leading Note: findings from a comparative analysis of the flat supertonic., BFE

Morand, Katell, “Catching It”: Perception, Emotions and Expectancies in Amhara Sung Poetry, BFE

Morgan, Deirdre, Breathing life to iron: Audio recordings and the (re)making of the jew’s harp virtuoso, BFE

Morra, Salvatore, Authenticity and Innovation: Analysing Tunisian ‘ūd Improvisation, AAWM

Mukherji, Somangshu, A Grammatical Isomorphism between Western Tonal and North Indian Classical Music, AAWM

Napier, John, Never Losing One’s Way: Structure, Pacing and Proportion in North Indian Ālāp, AAWM

Neuhoff, Hans, Rainer Polak, Timo Fischinger, Perception of metric timing patterns in Malian jembe-music, AAWM

Nnamani, Emmanuel Ndubuisi, “Ónů-Òkwà (Song Bird) – Tone, Time And Structure, BFE

Nooshin, Laudan, tbc, keynote

Orwin, Martin, A dynamic analysis of the Somali gabay luuq, AAWM

Pace, Andrew, Maltese prejjem: An Arabic musical process concealed in a European tradition, BFE

Park, Sung-Hee, Refining the tradition: traditional male singing groups in modern Korea, BFE

Pearson, Lara, A kinetic approach to music analysis: Coarticulation in South Indian raga performance, AAWM

Perlman, Marc, What and Where Is Metrical Accent? Prolegomena to a Comparative Study, AAWM

Perman, Tony, Hearing the Mbira dzaVaNdau, BFE

Petersen, Alvin, Analyzing South-African style indigenous modernity as seen from post-millennial theoretical perspectives., BFE

Polak, Rainer, Swinging Together: Towards a Comparative Concept of Swing-Based Meters in African-American  Musics, AAWM

Pooley, Thomas, “Beyond semantics”: Continuities and Discontinuities in Maskandi Song and Izibongo, AAWM

Porter, Mark, Marginal musical spaces at St Aldates, Oxford, BFE

Präger, Ulrike, Sounding memories: musical practices as narrative in the expulsion of the Germans from the Bohemian lands, BFE

Proutskova,, Polina, Geraint Wiggins, Christophe Rhodes, Tim Crawford, Vocal production in the world's music cultures, AAWM

Rahn, Jay, Pairs of Interval Classes in Southeast Asian Tunings, AAWM

Rappoport, Dana, Form and Counterpoint in a Duet Genre from Tanjung Bunga Indonesia, Flores, Western Lamaholot, AAWM

Riedel, Friedlind, Full moon musicking: sounding out the concept of emergence, BFE

Roberts, Jonathan, Bringing the music out, bringing the listener in: analysing the role of the male chorus role in Javanese gamelan, BFE

Sauter, Disa, tbc, BFE

Sawatzky, Grant, Hearing Cycle in Korean Court Ensemble Music, AAWM

Sborgi Lawson, Francesca R., Is Music an Adaptation or a Technology? Ethnomusicological Perspectives from an Analysis of Chinese Shuochang, AAWM

Schofield, Katherine Butler, Connected musical and literary analysis: re-sounding the vocal traditions of the colonial Indian Ocean., BFE

Schofield, Katherine Butler, The music in the text: North Indian song collections in the early-modern Indian Ocean, BFE

Schultz, Rob, Reshaping the Paradigm: Pitch Contour and Melodic Variation Principles in an Aka Polyphonic Song, AAWM

Shuster, Lawrence, Spectral Sets, Classes and Transformations in Tuvan, Mongolian, and Tibetan Throat-Singing, AAWM

Simonett, Helena, Imagining and Imaging the Sacred World of the Deer Singers (Northwest Mexico), BFE

Solis, Gabriel, Thoughts on Music as a Creative Process: Revisiting Nettl’s Continuum of Improvised Music, AAWM

Stobart, Henry, Atomic analysis and Andean aesthetics: dialoguing with ethnomusicology?, BFE

Stover, Chris, Affect, Improvisation, and Interaction in Diasporic West African Music:  An Interdisciplinary Perspective, AAWM

Sum, Maisie, Guembri Motives in Gnawa Music: The Nuance of Repetition, AAWM

Tallotte, William, A small tune for a great god: Analysing a Musical Form in a Śaiva Temple Ritual Context, AAWM

Tamang, Angsumala, Music From the Margins: (Re)marking Gorkha Identity in Darjeeling Music Festivals at India’s Borderlands, AAWM

Tan, Shzr Ee, Tango, salsa and the performance of class and passion in Singapore, BFE

Tenzer, Michael, and John Roeder, Large-Scale Formative Processes in Ostinato Music, AAWM

Terwilliger, Andrew, Leekspin’s Erotic Journey from Helsinki to Tokyo: Music Appropriation in the Digital Age, BFE

Tilley, Leslie, “The Lanang Drum is the Bus Driver”: How Ethnography Informs Analysis in a Study of Balinese Kendang Arja, AAWM

Tolbert, Elizabeth, Analyzing Musical Meaning: An Ethnomusicological Perspective

Tsioulakis, Ioannis, Modes, improvisation and the search for an éthnik-jazz aesthetic in Greece, BFE

Tsougras, Costas, Applying the Generative Theory of Tonal Music to World Music idioms: An analytical approach to the polyphonic singing of Epirus, AAWM

Uberoi, Rebecca, “We are Pentecostal; we are Evangelical; we are an AIC”: Musical Indices of Group Identity and Belonging in an African Immigrant Church., BFE

Ulehla, Julia, Musical Traces of the Holy Spirit: Identifying Linear Progression Within Cyclic Form in an African-American Folk Spiritual, AAWM

Valiquet, Patrick, Counterdisciplines in Electroacoustic Improvisation, BFE

Villanueva, Luis, Origins of music, social learning and niche construction, BFE

Webster-Kogen, Ilana, Mapping Musical Style and Migration Networks, BFE

Weinstein, Gregory, Pop Goes the Work-Concept: Ethnography and the Analysis of Art Music Recordings, BFE

Weiss, Sarah,  and Mokhamad Furqon, From Luwes (supple) to Genit (flirty and attractive): A Musical and Cultural Analysis of Fluctuating Aesthetic Assessments of Sindhenan in Central Java, BFE

Weisser, Stephanie, Pattern and antipattern discovery in Ethiopian Bagana songs, BFE

Widdess, Richard, and Martin Rohrmeier, Recursion in Indian music: towards a grammar of ālāp, AAWM

Wiggins, Trevor, We're all cosmopolitan now? The effects of technology in rural West Africa, BFE

Williams, Richard David, Proliferating books and pruning culture: the analysis of Hindustani music in colonial Bengal, BFE

Williams, Duncan, Brazilian Capoeirista and Thai Sarama: Ritual and form in the musical accompaniment of two seemingly disparate martial arts, AAWM

Witek, Maria, M. A. G., Liu, J., Kringelbach, M.L. & Vuust, P., Cognitive, Affective and Embodied Responses to Syncopation: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of West African and North American Non-Musicians, AAWM

Wood, Abigail, With ears wide open: analyzing the Jerusalem soundscape, BFE

Yampolsky, Philip, Divergent Forms of “the Same” Melody in the Duet-Singing of Fataluku-Speakers East Timor, AAWM

Yildiz Abbasoglu, Zeynep, A music from minarets in the Ottoman Empire: “Temcid”, BFE