Pireaus Bank Conference Center

Katouni 12-14





The Piraeus Bank Conference Center is housed in a three-story complex of renovated buildings in Ladadika, a seaside neighborhood in the historic center of Thessaloniki which served as the commercial hub of the Balkans for centuries. The area is popular among travelers and home to numerous hotels, traditional restaurants, and local markets. The Conference Center itself routinely hosts scientific and cultural events. The keynotes, lectures, and concerts of the AAWM2018/FMA2018 joint conference will take place in the main auditorium.


Thessaloniki, second largest city and co-capital of Greece, is renowned for its Ancient Greek, Roman, and Byzantine monuments, its charming shopping streets, a luscious local cuisine, and a bustling nightlife. Founded in 315 B.C., and named after the stepsister of Alexander the Great, a contemporaneous princess, the city has remained a crossroads of cultures and civilizations for over 2300 years. It is nowadays considered to be Greece's cultural capital, acclaimed for its festivals and events.


A nuanced yet concise cultural history of Thessaloniki (otherwise known as "Salonica") may be found here.